Juliette and Mark Fox

Hello TuffRock Team!
Our names are Juliette and Mark Fox. We have a 9 year old American Staffordshire Terrier and a 4 year old German Rottweiler who have been on Rose Hip vital for canines and were told about TuffRock by our friends, whohave two rather large Malamutes. They swore by TuffRock since they discovered their products 12 months ago. So May 2014 with the weather getting colder, we thought we would give it a try and so, about a week ago we started out dogs on Tuff Rock K9JF.

Our 9 year old starting limping from arthritis about a year and a half ago, she never enjoyed playing with our younger dog, and did not like going out for walks. She never put too much pressure on her hind legs, and now once on TuffRock for just one week, Phoebe, my Staffy is jumping up on our legs, playing non-stop with our younger dog (the Rottweiler), and actually enjoys life it seems.

We are absolutely astounded that our two dogs are so strong now. We take both of them to the local dog park and have been told our staffy, who was limping, and not interested in playing, now looks like a 3 year old dog…6 years younger than she actually is!!! Our Rottweiler is so much stronger as well on her legs, and has started agility lessons now.

Thank you TuffRock K9 team!!! I work in a local retail pet shop as the assistant manager, and wish that your product was in store, so that I could sell it to the world!!!

Mark and Juliette …. Phoebe and Sky give you big kisses. Thank You!