Juliette and Mark Fox

Hello TuffRock Team!Our names are Juliette and Mark Fox. We have a 9 year old American Staffordshire Terrier and a 4 year old German Rottweiler who have been on Rose

Molly – 12 y.o. Labrador

We started using your product when a friend suggested it might be good for Molly who is 12 1/2 years old and has arthritis. She has had both ACL’s in

Diane Leitch – President of Hastings and District Obedience Club

Diane Leitch – President of Hastings and District Dog Obedience Club (VIC)    

TuffRock K9 Joint Formula – Dancer

TuffRock K9 Joint Formula – Dancer

Dachshud Oden – K9 Joint Formula

Both my dachshunds have been getting a daily dose of K9JF with their morning breakfast (very palatable for my picky eaters) for the past 6 weeks and I have noticed there has

Our Alaskan Malamutes

Hello, to all the staff at TuffRock, I bought some TuffRock K9JF from the Sydney Royal Easter show in 2013 for my two Alaskan Malamutes, 13 1/2 year old and

Roxy the Staffy

My 6 year old Staffy, Roxy, had been suffering from a cruciate ligament joint problem. Since introducing her to the new TuffRock K9 JF she has improved considerably. She is

Jo & Jazz

I would like to thank everyone at TuffRock. Diane introduced me to TuffRock for my 2 dogs because both of them were having joint problems. Jo, an 8 year old

Splash the Australian Shepard

Thank you so much for introducing me to the K9 formula for our 10 year dog Splash. We have seen such an amazing difference to his general wellbeing. Splash is

Axel the German Shepard

Our dog Axel is a 9yr old German Shepherd who has arthritis in his back legs. He is an active dog but with the cold coming on we didn’t think

KEA Training Stables

Our beautiful Arke, 12 years young and bouncing about like a puppy within 5 days of starting his K9 JF. Thrilled. THANK YOU! I feel so relieved my best friend

Arroser the Labrador

Driftway Take The Lead… no more itchys!!

Bindi & Bella

Both my beautiful dogs had physical challenges before starting on TuffRock K9 JF, and I don’t know where we’d be today if not for this amazing product. Our “little girl”


This is Zack (very old in pram on left) with Teddy (young but weird legs). I bought the pram for Zack so he didn’t miss out on walks, after a

Truganinni the Koala

Truganinni was rescued from Soldiers Point and cared for by the wonderful people in the Hunter Valley Koala Preservation Society. We were honoured to play a small role in helping

Max the Bulldog – K9 Joint Formula

Max the Bulldog – K9 Joint Formula

Our Kelpie

Our Kelpie jumped the back fence in a thunderstorm on Christmas Eve, and took off up a 4 lane road on 40 odd degree heat. He was found at the

Tarja the Ridgeback

3 months ago, Tarja, our old ridgeback, could barely walk and we have tried many supplements before. Then we discovered TuffRock K9 at Equitana last November. Loved the idea of

Marley the Irish Wolfhound

This is Marley my 3 y/o Irish Wolfhound X American Bulldog. 8 weeks ago Marley severely tore his left Cruciate Ligament requiring immediate Surgery. K9 JF was recommended for him

Kaz the Border Collie

Meet Kaz, our 13 year old border collie. Kaz has been an excellent companion, obedience trained, and loved by her family, always with a happy smile on her face. In