Tarja the Ridgeback

3 months ago, Tarja, our old ridgeback, could barely walk and we have tried many supplements before. Then we discovered TuffRock K9 at Equitana last November. Loved the idea of going back to basics with all natural products (no seafood or crushed up bones from unknown animals). We knew their volcanic mineral horse range is great so worth a try. Simply helping old dogs do what they naturally did when they were younger sounded a bit farfetched to us. Well, let me tell you – TuffRock K9 is WOW!! 6 weeks true story. We used to have to lift her out of bed and she was so sore she couldn’t go for a walk, and was always very grumpy because of the pain. Tarja runs out of her bed and can now go for walks again and the picture shows she can now run to get away from Chucky and even beats him to the ball! What an amazing difference TuffRock K9 JF has made to Tarja’s life! Thank you, thank you TuffRock K9 for giving us our girl back. Julie