Kaz the Border Collie

Meet Kaz, our 13 year old border collie. Kaz has been an excellent companion, obedience trained, and loved by her family, always with a happy smile on her face. In the last 6 months her smile had been gradually going away and her energetic movements had diminished, she found it difficult to get up from down and sit position and asked to come , we talked to our vet and other dog friendly people who diagnosed her with arthritis in her hip joints. We were then told of your product from another user. In disbelief we decided to give it a go, wanting to try anything to help her. She has now been on TuffRock K9JF every morning for 2.5months and we have found that her smile has returned, she still has some difficulty in getting up but nowhere near as bad. She is a lot happier in herself, looks brighter, and for that reason we shall continue to use this product and watch her improve and have quality of life return.We would definitely recommend this product to any joint impaired K9.Thanks TuffRock!David and Kay Wallace, Brisbane