Our Kelpie

Our Kelpie jumped the back fence in a thunderstorm on Christmas Eve, and took off up a 4 lane road on 40 odd degree heat. He was found at the other end, and taken to the local vet who scanned him and rang me. When I picked him up, he had torn the pads on all 4 feet back to flesh, and the vets recommended admitting him.Took him home, flushed out the pads with saline, and covered his feet in TuffRock, then bandaged it. Changed the dressings and flushed out his feet every day, and kept on smothering him in TuffRock.Within a week the bandaging was no longer needed, within 2 weeks he was belting around the paddock with the horses again. Didn’t get any photos of the wounds unfortunately. The skin was gone from every pad on every leg, and he was back to raw flesh.Not the first time I’ve used TuffRock on dogs, and won’t be the last. Problem is the dogs like it as much as the horses, so bandaging is necessary to keep it in place! The lovely ladies manning the stall at Sydney Show while Steve was in a business meeting kindly gave me some tubs of Mud and Joint Formula – the canine first aid kit :)