Max the Bulldog – K9 Joint Formula

Max the Bulldog

Evan reached out to Steve in August of 2013 after he was recommended to try TuffRockK9 before committing to an invasive and complicated surgery to fix the ‘Patellar Laxation’ (a roaming kneecap that moved side to side) on his one year old bulldog, Max. Below is the great response we received after one month and confirmed in March 2014 results are consistently improving:“Max has better movement and is not limping/ holding up his leg as often.  I am extremely happy with the results so far and am positively looking forward to seeing him continue to be a happy little bulldog in the future. This product of yours is amazing and definitely does work!  I am going to continue Max with the TuffRock K9JF and thank you for your incredible product and for taking the time to speak to me back in August. I have been telling every dog person that I know about your product and will continue to do so because more people need to know about this product and to realise that surgery is not the only option in a lot of cases. I refuse to put Max through a complicated and barbaric operation which may leave him with further problems and complications in the future (arthritis, infection, tendon problems, etc.) I honestly believe that TuffRock can help repair and possibly play a very important role in the healing process. I will be so happy when the day comes that Max has no problems with his leg and is completely healed. I am a very sceptical person by nature and had some doubts about how well the product would work. But the truth is that this product works and has shown a substantial difference in a very small amount of time. God bless you Steve, you are helping so many animals by using something natural.”