Mini Paws Animal Rescue

Hi. I met Steve last week at the Royal and bought TuffRock Mud and the K9 GI. We have been using both products on our animals through Mini Paws Animal Rescue and we can’t believe how great these prodycts work. We have been using it both on cats and dogs. We are using it for ringworm and cat flu as well as animals with diarrhoea.We will be hoping to make orders very soon so that all our foster carers can have these products on hand to use on a daily basis. We are having an open day in Sydney on Saturday and will most definitely be recommending all your products. We can not thank you enough.Below is a photo of one of our puppies that had ringworm. We used it 3 times and the ringworm cleared right up as well as fur growing back (see before and after photo)Rachelle